Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ADSL connection in home

Finally I have got ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) connection in my home. I have been waiting for this connection for long time. It took several months for the bureaucracy of the process. But I am still happy to get it from my office.

For several months I have been using internet connecting via my mobile phone. That is a 2 MBps connection but that is only in theory. I used to get more or less 300 KBps always. The ADSL connection I got is theoretically 18 MBps connection. I just tested the connection speed with According to this site right now I am getting 9.02 MBps downstream and 0.90 MBps upstream. The connection is still half of the maximum speed but still I am quite happy to have this connection after using the crap connection for several months :)

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