Sunday, May 1, 2011

Luxury of food

I spent the Easter vacation at Gagan's home in Oulu. I stayed 5 days. It was a nice trip. We played sports, board games, went to different places, played games in xbox, watched movies, even had basic driving lessons from Gagan. I did practice driving ( only in first gear :P ). Beside all these, as usual, we cooked lot of foods together. This time I didn't even take pictures of all of those. Here goes few pictures that I took exceeding the threshold of moving my lazy ass.

Preparation to take breakfast in balcony.

Already sat down to start. It was too bright outside and camera was flashy.

Started the nice breakfast with pan cake.

Home made french fry and sandwich.

Home made shingara

Home made samucha

Evening snacks with shingara, samucha, noodles and tea.


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shasnayen said...

ki khabar dekhalen.
jiv e jol eshe jacche mairi...

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