Monday, May 30, 2011

Tampere trip

I visited Tampere last last weekend. I guess it is after couple of months. It was Rajit vi's and Mou vabi's daughter, Suha's first birthday anniversary. They invited me to attend the celebration. I went on Friday afternoon. The celebration was on Sunday. So on Friday and Saturday I met my old friends and spent time with them. On Sunday morning I went to the amusement park Sarkanniemi with three of my friends, Tareq vi, Saad and Rubel. It was a nice bright day. We didn't go for any ride; just did roam around inside the arena and watched the dolphin show. Let's look at some pictures of that day :)

Just after the entrance

A ride on water

My company, from left to right, Saad, Tareq vi, Rubel.

Now I am there :)

This ride looks nice.

Amazing tap :P

Inside the dolphin hall

The show just begun

Wow... what a jump

On top of the tower

View from the tower

Another side from tower

Yet another side

Lake view from tower

Another lake view, I could hardly believe it's a lake :-S

Yet another view

Now we are just beside the lake :)

Lovely sweet breeze over the lake

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