Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bangla letters on keyboard

I went to one of Bangla blog sites ( where some of my friends write regularly. I found myself in great problem as I don't know Bangla typing :( So I asked one of my colleagues to help me writing a name. He came to my desk took the keyboard and started typing. He typed one letter and trying to remember the key for next letter, again he typed one letter and trying to remember and so on. After typing 4-5 letters he just looked at my keyboard and shouted "Hey the Bangla letters are written on your keyboard and you are asking me to type!!!". I looked at my keyboard and upsss... those are really written on my keyboard :P I looked at his face and at once both of us laughed out loudly hahahahaha...

Hey it was not my fault. I don't look at my keyboard while I type. So how can I be aware of the Bangla letters written on my keyboard? hehehe :D :D :D

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