Sunday, September 2, 2007

Another day in water kingdom

Its been long I haven't wrote anything new in my blog. I have been a bit busy these days in my office and in my personal life as well. Have to run here and there every now and then and being very busy in the office. I am amazed to see that I didn't have any post for the whole August. Today I managed some time to write something. Yes, I am gonna post a new post now :-)

Yesterday (Saturday, 01 Sept, 2007) I went to water kingdom again with my friends. This can be told as a marriage treat. One of my very good friends, Gagan, got married few days back. He offered very few of us to go to water kingdom and have fun with them. So Jalal, Rahin and me went along with the newly married couple.

We started early but it was almost 2 hours journey from dhaka because of traffic. We reached the water kingdom around 12 pm. We had some rides too before getting in the water kingdom. We went for roller coaster. We also went for flying carpet, whirly bird and vortex tunnel. We were there until 7 pm. This time I went to the heritage park attached to fantasy kingdom. I didn't go there before. I liked it so much. There you will find miniatures of 8 famous historical structures of Bangladesh. The miniatures are unbelievably nice. We took few pictures but I haven't got those yet. I will post those when I get.

We had a nice time. Gagan gave us a nice treat with so many foods (not so good with respect to prices) but we enjoyed the food too :D All of us were very tired and exhausted in the evening. But it was really fun and everyone had a great enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh.... U ride the flying carpet & roller coaster :-o :-o :-o I'm afraid of makes me dizzy specially the flying carpet :( I can manage roller coaster coz its fast in a few mins its done but flying will make me sick :( ....I am looking forward for the pictures :P :D

Gagan said...

That day before I left home, I told myself, money comes, money goes, lets have some fun now!! :)

And as soon as someone proposed to do anything, I immediately made it happen :)

It's really good to have some money sometimes!

That was the one and only day I spent a whole day with Shanila after marriage!!!!!!!!! (All other days I had to give most of the times to take invitations of the relatives!)

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