Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reminiscing an old incident :)

These days I am habituated with ATM booth. I draw money from ATM booth 3, 4 tiems a month. Last time when I drew some money from a booth at Banani I just remembered my first experience :D This time I had my camara with me. So I took the snap :)

Taking money from ATM booth

You may remember my first experience with ATM booth that I shared in one of my very early posts in this blog. I was rattled at that time, my hands were shaking :P Now I am quite comfortable with ATM booth :) I am learing to cope technologies :D

Programming solution

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Gagan said...

I guess you r the only guy who's has posted so many things about ATM :D

haha..and even a picture :D

One nice usage of ur camera.


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