Sunday, September 9, 2007

My friend has left Dhaka :(

Today, September 9, 2007, Gagan has left Bangladesh for Finland after a month and 6 days' vacation. He had very hectic times throughout the vacation. He came to settle the most important thing of his life. Yes he got married on 9th August and just after one month he went back to finland.

Yesterday I was with him the whole day. I was in his home till 11 pm. This time the farewell seemed more heart aching. Throughout this one month I met him most of the days and as I know he may stay abroad longer this time for he is gonna take his wife to his place within months I became more sad. Why I became more sad this time? Because I felt the absence of a good friend nearby for months now. I wish I had a friend like him always around me.

Anyway... I wish him good luck and good days in abroad and very happy life along with his wife in forthcoming days.

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Gagan said...

August 9, over 11 in the night, Eamon shaking my hands to say bye from my door...

I just shook his hand a little and let it go!

Thanks God he did not try to hug me! I could have burst into tears then!!

I guess I have to stop writing comments now as well for the same reason !

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