Thursday, October 25, 2007

IELTS registration

I have registered for IELTS. I have done the courageous task on 6 October. My exam will be on 17 November. I have nt started to prepare myself yet, not by reviewing nor even mentally :( I think I need to get some idea first. I should start soon.

Very few people knows about it. I just don't like telling it to many people but I am telling here for I need luck. Hey people... wish me goodluck :P :P :P

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Sadia said...

Best wishes is always for you. You will achieve good points inshallah.:D

Gagan said...

Gooodluck Eamon.
Hey lets try to have a voice chat soon. I need to give you some tips from my personal experience :)

Tanim said...

Good Luck Eamon!!

By the way... I've done something about you without asking you. I think you'll not mind. Without your permission I've added your blog to my blog [ ]:~D.

eamon said...

I don't mind tanim :)

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Wishing you all the luck.
:) :)
You will do very good insha allah.

jessie said...

I'll pass my exam on november 17th too and honestly, im shaking in my boots hehe!! I wish you good luck !

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