Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last day in my present office

Today was the last day in my present office. I thought it would nt be sad at all but I found a bit amazingly that I am really sad to leave the office.

I told it several times that the environment of this office is really nice. Its very flexible as well. More over I was under a very good project manager here. So my task became easier than it was anticipated.

I will always remember few of my colleagues from here. At first I wanna name my project manager and team leader Shahadat vi. Its a fortune to get a PM like him. He does nt pressurize on his subordinates but makes them do the work in timely manner. I cant remember a time when he got angry to me or showed his annoyance upon me.

After my project manager the person I wanna mention about is Sadia apu. She was my coworker throughout these 10 months. I think no one in this office had bugged his coworker that much as I did Sadia apu :D She helped me always in any kinda problem not only work purpose but also helped me in some of the aspects of my personal life. Sometimes she was annoyed by me but finally she did help :D I am really grateful to her.

I wanna mention another name here that is Polin vi. He was also my team mate since 3 months or more now. He is a very jolly person and I like his company. I have been working with him not for that long time as I have been with Shahadat vi and Sadia apu yet we became intimate to each other.

These are the persons I was working here with and that's why I became intimate with them. Other than these persons I have good relation with everybody of this office as well. May be I am not that much intimate with everybody but i can say it boldly that I dont have bad personal relation with anybody of this organization. I hope they all will wish me good luck in my forth coming life and I also want everyone's prosperity and happy life who were my colleagues here :)

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Sadia said...

shahid vai , best wishes for your new job ad also life. Bcoz changing job there is some of the effects in your life also. Hope you will improve your volatile memory to hard drive more rapidly than 'Documenta':D. I think we all team members missed you a lot. and u are the colligue who sit beside me in long time before the others:D. Best Wishes ... Be happy . Stay in touch .. :D

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