Sunday, December 9, 2007

A very old song I wanna share

This is a very old song by Carpenters titled "Yesterday once more". I used to hear this song while I was a student of primary school. As our cassette player went out of order I didn't hear this song for a looooooooooong time. I didn't hear this song in any of my friend's computer. I searched the song for many years but I didn't know the title of the song and also didn't know the artist's name. So I didn't get the song for a long time.

Few months back Liz gave me a link in youtube to hear a song. The artist of that song is Carpenters. The title of that song is "You". When I heard that song I found some more songs of the same artist there. Among those songs I saw the title "Yesterday once more" and it seems a bit familiar to me. So I heard that song too and yesssssssss I got the song after sooooooooooo long time. I really like this song so much. I wanna share this nice song to all of you. Tell me how you people find this.

Thank U so much Liz to help me getting this song after that long time >:D< :-*

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Gagan said...

interesting.. i had it with me.. in my ipod.. one of my fav. song :)

i also heard it whn i a kid. then after years i found it back :)

surely one great song it is!!

tasnim said...

ooh nice.sometimes i wanna hear the song that i heard in my again prove that song never die....

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