Friday, December 7, 2007

A long overdue treat

Last night we, some guys, had a nice dinner treat from one of our friends Tasnim. It was the treat for his job. Don't think that he has got a new job recently. He got his job in the month of April of this year, that means 8 months ago.

He was telling us for many days that he would give us a treat soon and we didn't know that soon would be 8 monhts' later :P Anyway, finally we got it and it was really a nice treat for the 6 people (Tasnim, Razib, Jashim, Khalid, Tanim and me). We choose golden chimney for our restaurant to dine out and this is the first time I went there. I am impressed. The food was very dilicious.

Thank you Tasnim for a nice dinner :)

I did nt take my camera this time. Otherwise I will share some moments with you people. I amazingly found that nobody asked me about it.. why didn't I take the camera tonight. Even nobody noticed it :) :) :)

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A.S.F said...

I thought there is no need to make u remember to take u'r cam. I was sure that u gonna take it. However when i saw U didn't then I didn't ask why........ said...

I just astonished when I saw u didnt
bring ur cam with u.

tasnim said...

nice to hear that tasnim at last threw the party.

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