Saturday, December 1, 2007

IELTS results

Today I have got my IELTS result that I have appeared on 17 November. My overall band score is 6. That's a damn low score :( I was expecting at least 6.5 after my exam but I couldn't make it.

I have got 6.5 in both reading and listening, 6 in speaking and 5.5 in writing. I told earlier that I did really bad in writing part but yet I didn't expect less than 6. I have got only 5.5 and that made my overall band score just 6. If I got 6 in writing then my overall band score would be 6.5. Anyway... I don't mind it much :D

moral 1: Do not attend this type of exam without having proper idea about it (I did appear :D I didn't even bring pencil in the exam hall while it is a must to answer reading and listening part with pencil)

moral 2: Try to practice some example test in home, if possible give some mock test. It will help a lot.

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Gagan said...

Ups !!!
Man, sorry to say I expected a better score too :(

Well, shit happens !
And i know how luck gives its back to you :(

Hossain said...

It is not a luck i believe. U will get as u will do. gagan... ask eamon about the past preparation of the test.

RANA said...

I am really sorry to hear this EAMON.
don't be so sad

scoregetter said...

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Anonymous said...

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