Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mourning for Haq sir

Last week, on Wednesday one of our school teacher named Abdul Haq died in a road accident near Tongi (may Allah rest his soul in peace). He was one of my teachers from high school. I heard the news last night and I was feeling extremely sad.

To tell the truth I was not fond of Haq sir while I was a student of high school. I didn't undergo many classes conducted by him. The classes I got with him he seemed a very strict teacher. After passing my high school I got chance to mingle with him personally. At that time I used to go for dawa of Islam for several times and for few of those trip he was along with us in the group. While in those trips I came to know him better. As a person he was very simple; no luxury in his life at all. One of his good quality was he could cook very well. While in dawa the day on which he was included in the cooking team we used to become so happy as we knew that the food would be very much delicious.

If I didn't mingle with him personally I wouldn't be this much sad as I am now. Last night I really felt bad and I was so sad for several hours. He was still less than 60. I wish no accident will take life of such kinda nice person anymore.

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Gagan said...

The first word that came in my mind "Shoytaner bakso"!!

Sigh, i have such a short time memory ! I barely remember his face!

eamon said...

Not only you gagan, many people have short term memory and they forget things so eaisly.

Aside from me there are two other guys in Bording Vista who are from Ideal school. This morning I gave them the bad news and one of them just asked "mmm... Haq sir :-S I cant remember him... what subjects he used to teach??". Sigh...

Razib said...

You didn't give the news to me.... Anyway... I got it now late. I miss him.

eamon said...

Razib, I didn't give you the news because after hearing about it I met you only once, you came to my home for only few minutes while I was having my dinner. I forgot at that time. Otherwise I would let you know about it obviously.

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