Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helsinki city center trip

I had a small trip to Helsinki city center yesterday afternoon. I don't have much to do in weekend, so I decided to roam around Helsinki city center. I went out around 0230 PM. It was a bright and sunny day. Also very hot. I went to by train. It takes around 30 minutes from Espoo.

I saw lots people are in the street. May be they also came out with the same thought in their mind like me :D I had few places of interest and I went those places. For the first time I took help from my mobile GPS so that I wont get lost. I started to like GPS :P I came back around 06:30 PM. I was so tired for long time walk. It was good roaming around though.

I took some pictures. Let's have a look

After leaving home, on the way of train station. The sky was so clear.

I don't know what tower is that, just beside train station.

These buildings are connected to that tower.

On the opposite side of the train station, don't what building is that :P

Another side from the same place

From a bit far :)

Restaurant and boat beside lake.

From the bridge over the lake

After few minutes walk from the lake

Beneath the bridge

Another shot of the lake from the bridge

In the train, while coming back. I think my face tells how hot was the day and how tired I was :)

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shasnayen said...

kamon acho?
Picture e tomake ei rokom lagtase kano?
mone hoitase 14 bosor jail khaita ber hoiso.
jar mittha mamlae faisa gaso, tare marte jaitaso.
dont mind, just kidding.

eamon said...

hahaha... thik e bolso tasnim... looks really bad in this picture... but kaure khun kori nai :D

shasnayen said...

tumi ki kauke khun korte paro?
Any way eamon, Ericsson kamon lagtase?
New living place kamon lagtase?

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