Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New office update

I haven't given any update about my new office since I started working here on July 1. So I decided to give you a virtual tour to my office. I took these picture around 6 PM, so the office looks deserted. Let's start :)

From distant place while walking towards my office. I think you can see the office building quite clearly from here.

The office football field just in front of the office building.

The pathway to the office building.

That is the main entrance.

Another building, I sit in this building.

A terrace after entering through the main entrance.

The place of my team. We eight people sit here.

Our scrum board, quite messy :D

This big window is just beside our team. Good for us, we do not have any scarcity of natural light :)

Place for another team seen from our place.

The long corridor in the middle. Different teams are located in both sides of this corridor.

Stair to a meeting room.

This terrace is just in front of our block. Natural trees everywhere :)

A small kitchen in one side of the terrace.

The kitchen from the other side, looks like a tea stall :D

The smoking room. I don't smoke, so I never had chance to go inside of that room.

Small place at the end of the terrace to have a chit-chat or for reading magazine.

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Quazi Mainul Hasan said...

nice photos....Congrats Eamon! :)

eamon said...

Thanks Sunny vi :)

sheri said...

wow! thanks so much for the tour, it's as if we are really there! how far do you have to walk to work everyday? and, what kind of work are you doing? at least your workplace is spacious with LOTS of light, lots of windows...certainly that's good for the emotions!
i'm so glad that i found you again, eamon...now i better get busy and look through your older post to see what i've been missing ;)
take care!

sheri said...

just finished reading your blog all the way back to the fair in tempere...i finally feel caught up except i have one other question :) you said that you are only going to be in this apartment for two months...why is that??
great reading, you do a fine job of sharing and i love to see the pictures!!

eamon said...

Sheri, my current room is a sub-rented one. The guy will come back at the beginning of September. Then I have to leave this apartment and move to somewhere else. I just hope I will find some other place by that time.

Admin said...

Looks like a very nice place to work. Nice blog! :-)

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