Thursday, July 1, 2010

First day at new job

It was my first day at the new job. I went to office around 0830 am by train. I got the access key and then my manager started to introduce necessary places and guys in the office. I went to so many places with him. I forgot most of those :P For sure I need couple of weeks to make myself familiar with the geography of the building. From 0930 am he started a presentation. We took our lunch break at 11 am. Other three managers joined us in cafeteria. I am not used to take lunch this early but I had no other choice. We had a chit-chat during lunch. Since I am the new guy most of the time they were talking to me. After lunch my manager continued his presentation till 2 pm. After that I got all my stuffs - desk, computer, mobile phone, necessary documents. As it was my first day I was having look to different internal system. I already found loads of documents cluttering up on my desk but I didn't started to have a look in those today. May be from tomorrow I will start going through those documents. Today it was quite a busy day. I felt so tired when I left the office around 0545 pm.

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