Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shower in the rain, after a long time

This evening when I was on my way home after getting off the train I got a shower in the rain, after a long time. I seldom see this kinda heavy rain in Finland. I was coming home after office. It's been a very hot day today. When I got off from the train I was hearing thunder. The sky was dark. It was windy as well. Suddenly it started raining and it was so heavy. Each drop was like a marble. I wanted to run at first but then I remembered that I never had a shower in rain since I came to Finland. So I just walked slowly and let the rain pour upon me. I was totally wet when I came home; even my bag and the documents inside it. I had to wash my cloths later but I didn't mind. I enjoyed every bit of the rain but I wish I wouldn't be alone.

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shasnayen said...

Do u remember the afternoon?
Only you and me
Walking to the Way to home
From the Great Ideal
We were singing the song
'Forwarding Soldier Go forward Boldly'
'Go Go Go'
When we reached home our guardian
Didn't like that
But you and me
Enjoy every bit.

eamon said...

Yes, I remember that day. We came all the way in the rain. And yes, our parents didn't like that. But hey, I can't remember that song :-( what is the exact title? Do you remember?

shasnayen said...

How can I forget the rhyme?
Is it possible?
The song is
"Ogropothik he senadol, Jor kodom chol re chol"
I wish I returned in that days again.

eamon said...

Ohh... now I remember. I thought it was an English one :P

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