Friday, September 24, 2010

Real "Pinball", played for the first time

After office Peter told me he is going home by walk. We live in nearby places. I was thinking to join him because I haven't walked for long for a while now. Finally I joined him and it took us 50 minutes to reach his home. Well my home is 15 minutes more walk from his. He offered few backgammon round. FYI, he plays lots of board and card games, and he is a professional backgammon player. I agreed on his proposal wanted to learn some backgammon strategy. While I was in his living room I found a huge machine like thing with four legs. Amazingly I recognized that it's a pinball game set. I never saw a pinball set in real. I always played it in computer. It's a huge and heavy. We played few rounds and it turned out that the real one is much exciting than the virtual one. After that we played backgammon and Peter describes few strategy to me which I wish I can remember. I took few picture of his pinball set. Here they go:

The huge pinball set. The sound is awesome with loud speaker.

Look at the shelf, thousands of comic collection. Unfortunately all in Swedish language :(

Peter is playing now :)

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