Sunday, September 5, 2010

New home

On 31 August I moved in my new home, in Kirkkonummi. It was quite a hectic job to shift all my stuffs. I had to go back and forth by train from Espoo but it feels good when I came here. It's one of my firsts, my own apartment. I don't have to comply with anybody else. Even though it is small I liked it so much. Let's have a look at my new home :)

The main entrance

The whole block

My apartment from the back door

The view from the back door, looks like a forest :P

Another view from back door

Inside my room, my bed and shelf

Corridor, separated by closet

The big window


Another view of the kitchen

My first iftar in my new home, lots of food :D

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Anonymous said...

home sweet home.. cute and lovely it is :D

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