Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inception: another Christopher Nolan's masterpiece

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I have been thinking to watch Inception for quite a while since it was released in Finland but I could not manage until today. Yes, today I finally watched it in a movie theater. It was Peter, my colleague, who bought the tickets and offered me if I want to watch this one. I agreed happily. So today, in the afternoon, he picked me up in front of my house and we went to watch another box-office hit movie by Christopher Nolan.

The storyline seems quite interesting to me, it made me concentrate on the movie all the time. While things were happening I had to think as well to sort it out. Moreover, the visual effect was so nice to watch in big screen. The bottom line is I liked the movie and it made me more fan of Christopher Nolan. The night became perfect after having a nice dinner in a nice restaurant at the heart of Helsinki downtown. Interestingly, it was provided by Peter again :D

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