Thursday, April 26, 2007

At last a new project

yesterday i was assigned to a new project of our company. Ahhhhh.... at last. Before that I was working in several projects but those are old- running in client side. May be some modification or problem solving. But this is the first time I am assigned to a totally new project that has been started from today. So I will be a part of it from the very beginning :)

Aarong, a very popular shop having many branches over the country, is gonna issue Loyalty card for their regular customers. Before I was thinking how many customers Aarong has?? not so many... but now I know they have hell lot of customers all over the country. My project manager said well..."There are many women in Gulshan & Dhanmondi whose first work after getting up from sleep in every morning is going to Aarong and shopping for 2-3 thousand taka :)". Aarong is very much willing to give some extra benefits to these customers :) They will get the Loyalty card after crossing a particular amount of buy. After that they can gain points in every penny they spend in any Aarong shop. Afterwards they will be benefitted based on those collected points.

Currently Aarong is using one software to manage their sales. That was also delivered by our company. Now this new one will be implemented along with the old one. Anyway... the analysis of the new project is going on... May be we two(me & sadia) will be asked to propose a database design after the analysis is done. Feeling good to have a new project :) :) :)

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Gagan said...

Kool ! It's always fun to work from sratch and create your own mess, than to work from someone's mess:D


Hope you will enjoy the new ride:)

Anonymous said...

congrats for ur new project.
but who is sadia? u seem quite weak about her. dont make any scandal in the office bro.

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