Saturday, April 7, 2007

I met an old friend after 13 years :)

13 years… it’s a loooooooooong time. I met one of my school friends from grade 3 & 4 after 13 years on 29 March, 2007. I spent 2 years (grade 3 & 4) in “Precadet Institute and High School”. That was one of my very best times of student life. I got some good friends in that 2 years who are still with me. But I had no connection with the person I am talking about in this post for last 13 years. Her name is Cinthia.

I was going to my office in the morning. While I was going to queue up after taking the ticket I saw a girl at the beginning of the queue that seems very familiar to me. I stopped in front of her and told her “If I did not make any mistake then you are Cinthia”. She was surprised. After few seconds she recognized me. She came at the end of the queue with me. We took our seats together and had a long chat while we were in the bus.

There was nothing stunning… nothing was so strange but the feeling of meeting a friend after soooo long time is really really very different :)

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Gagan said...

13 years !!
I was wondering how could u even recognize her !

Specially a girl ! She should have changed a lot ! havnt she ?


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