Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The first rain of the year

When I wake up this morning I found the weather extremely nice. It was slightly raining. Aha… is it the first rain of the year? No, it’s not. Then why the title of my post is like that? Coz I felt the rain from my heart for the first time in this year :) This year this is the first time I enjoyed the rain sooooo much and that’s why this is the first rain for me this year :)

The rain stopped within few minutes. But cold gentle breeze was blowing. I was out for my work. Sitting in the bus I found how sweet was the weather today!!! Ahhhhh… I wish I were in home today… laying on my bed… enjoying the nice environment…. holding a novel by my hand… reading 1 page and look outside… few minutes later reading 2 more pages and again look outside the window… passing my time just like that… ahhhhhhhh.

But I was not laying in my bed in my home :( rather I was in the bus… very much crowded… I was going to my work… I will be there until 6 pm :( and there is no way to see the rain through the window or feel the cold wind on my body :( :( :(

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Gagan said...

hmm !
You wished exactly what i wished for..
One good book ..
In the semi-darkness..
Rain drop-rhythms..
The fresh wet cold breaths ...

Is heaven more beautiful than this ?

Faisal said...

Rain is the thing from which I can't take my eyes away. Actually I love to get wet rather then only watch the rain.
I like to look at the rain when I'm in the rain... lying on a green field facing the sky(which is really hard to do...) and listen the sound of the water falling on the ground from the nearest distance...........
Some time I go a place to feel the rain at the side of water(pond or river..). I sit within 1inch of water and look at the falling rain on the water. This view gives me the feeling that I'm sitting on the water when it is raining....U can't imagine if U didn't face the situation.

Gagan said...

"U can't imagine if U didn't face the situation."

I agree ! I completely agree !

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