Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hats off to potato crackers & ‘puri’ but….

I was in the bus on the way of home after my work. The bus was very much crowded. It was slightly raining so all the windows of the bus were closed and it was so hot inside the bus.

There was a woman along with her nagging kid(age may be 3). Suddenly the kid started crying. I thought the kid was feeling discomfort with the hot environment of the bus. So I requested the woman to open the window beside her and she did so because the rain stopped by that time. But the kid kept on crying and I heard that he was asking for ‘muri’ or ‘puri’ (two local foods). Everyone was very much annoyed by the kid. I thought if I had some cookies or something else in my bag I would give him. Right at that moment one person gave the kid a cookie from his bag :) I thought ahhhhh… the kid will be quiet getting that cookie. But everyone noticed amazingly that he did not stop. He even did not take it from his mom. Then another person gave a bottle of water to the woman to give the kid. But the kid did not drink a single drop of water. He was crying and crying. He had been crying for almost half an hour.

Again it started raining. This time heavy rain…. cats and dogs. Some people got off from the bus in a stoppage. There was a heavy traffic jam at that time. Suddenly a man from outside the bus knocked the window beside the woman. The woman opened the window and the man gave her one packet of potato crackers(made by Bombay sweets), told her to give it to the kid and disappeared. That man was in the bus awhile ago. He bought it for the kid after getting off the bus. The woman was embarrassed by the situation and looked a bit shy. She gave the cracker to the kid n the kid stopped crying. Everyone in the bus was smiling. Hats off to potato crackers :)

The bus was still in the traffic jam. Suddenly we heard a voice at the gate of the bus. A man was saying “where is that boy that wanted to eat puri??” We saw with a great surprise that the man holding a packet of 5 ‘puri’ in his hand. He just passed the packet cause he could not get inner side of the bus because he was totally wet to get those ‘puri’. The boy hold one ‘puri’ in his hand and we saw a cute smile on his face. Hats off to ‘puri’ too :)

That man got off from the bus just to bring the ‘puri’ for the kid. He had to go at least 150 yards in that heavy rain to get those things. I became jealous of that kid. I wish I were that kid. I felt my sight became hazy. Still there are such kinda nice people exist on this earth. Hats off to potato crackers…hats off to ‘puri’… but what should we off for those nice people???

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Gagan said...

If I havnt read that in your blog, or if I have read that in a book, I would have surely said, Silly writer, It's NOT a dreamworld, its a rude cruel world !

Well, looks like the truth is stranger than fiction :)

Hats off for that man !!

April 23, 2007 3:27 AM

Md. Mohsin Ali Khan said...

Ekta ganer kotha mone porlo."Tomar ghore bas kore kara o mon janona, tomar ghore bosot kore koi jona"
Bangalir koto je alada alada rup. Boroi bichitro ek jati. :)

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