Friday, April 6, 2007

My first withdrawal from ATM booth

In January of 2007 I opened a bank account in DBBL (Dutch Bangla Bank Limited) coz gagan told me to open a bank account. They gave me an ATM card. I have some money in my account not so much :D I did not use ATM card earlier. Few days ago I wanted to use my ATM card for withdrawing some money. Actually I did not need money at that time but I wanted to see how it works :D Those who know me well are aware about that, how I am amazed with the advancement of latest technology. Most of the latest technologies surprise me.

It was 20 March, 2007. After my work I went to the ATM booth of Mohakhali, nearest to my office. I entered into the ATM booth, take my card out of my wallet n place it in the right place. Then I was asked for my pin code. While I was entering my pin code I saw my fingers shaking a bit. But I entered it correctly twice :D Then I select withdrawal n entered the amount of money. I entered 2000 n then there was a humming sound inside the ATM machine. I started to be amazed earlier. After few seconds (may be 10) 2000 tk came out from the machine. I saw there were 3 500 tk notes and 5 100 tk notes. Now I know that if I don take the money within 1 minutes then the ATM machine will swallow my money. So I took the money at once. But now if I don take the card in 1 minutes then it will swallow my card also. So I took the card also. I was in a hurry. After that a transaction sheet came out from the ATM machine. I also took that.

Now I have 4 things in my hand – my wallet, money, ATM card and the transaction sheet. Then I found difficulties to manage those 4 things. At first I hold my money by my lips and try to put the card in my wallet but its difficult to hold 8 notes with lips. So I changed my decision. I put the transaction sheet in my shirt’s pocket, hold my card with my lips n then put my money in my wallet. Then I put my card in my wallet and went out of the ATM booth. I took a deep breath ahhhhh….. I have done it well :D

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Ayon said...

Would you please share your experience about the service of DBBL with us here? We were just comparing the service of Brac and DBBL.

Anonymous said...

CAN somebody tell me actually how can one wuthdraw money using a primebakk atm card from a dbbl atm booth

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

eamon said...

I don't get how this information helped in case of a college assignment :)

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