Thursday, November 1, 2007

Story like "Notebook" in real life

I think many of you have watched the movie "Notebook". Those who did nt try to watch it. Its a nice romantic movie with a nice story.

Few days back one of my very close friends told me about an event of her life. I found a great similarity between that story and the story of the movie Notebook. In the story of the movie the boy was poor and the family of the girl is very rich but in case of my friend's life it was just reversed. My friend's family was not a rich one and at the same time her family background was not good. There was a family lived near their house who were very rich. She(my friend) was a student of grade 4 at that time means 10 years old may be. There was a girl in that rich family same as her age. She used to paly with that girl. That girl had an elder brother who was older than my friend by 4 years. He also used to play with the girls. They were good friends to each other.

My friend did nt have any special feeling for that boy. She was too young to realize special feelings at that time. She thought of that boy just a good friend of her. At that time the rich family send their son to USA to study there and complete his graduation afterwards and then come back again. On the day of going to US the boy came to my friend and told "Take good care of yourself cause you have no other to take care of you, but i will be back and get my cinderella out of her misery". The cinderella was my friend but she did nt get it because she was too young then. My friend did nt know that the boy used to send her mails every week. His mom was taking those and not giving her. Then after 3 years he went back for vacation and my friend was first year high school then and he was in college. He went to her house and told her why she was not replying any of his mails. Until then they did nt knew that his mom was getting the mails and did nt give her. His mom told him right into my friend's face "She is no good how can you be with a girl with that kind of family even if she looks pretty and she grew up respectful. You can never deny her family background. How can you be proud of such a girl?". Then the boy went back to US but after few months he went back to his own country again but he was dead already. They said he got sick and his mom was blaming his death to my friend :(

I mentioned it earlier that my friend did nt have any special feeling for that boy. She did nt even know that the boy liked her that much but still now she sheds tears when she remember that event and she cant just help her tears while she is watching the movie "Notebook". Its one of her favorite movies.

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Gagan said...

Ur description of the story was not so smooth to read :P

But i m sensitive enough to almost cry to know the end.

Eamon, this is really a sad story. (Well not story).

I m feeling lucky not to be in situation of that girl.

btw, I had watched notebook several times.

and again that same old dialog that i say, most ppl are unhappy because they cant say what they want to say.

Gagan said...

I have to write a comment once more.

This is really really a sad story to hear :(

I couldnt concentrate on anything for a while!! That poor girl !! Poor poor girl :'(

Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up tons of fresh emo backgrounds at my blog

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