Friday, November 30, 2007

An unexpected farewell

One month back I have changed my job. Right now I am working in Bording Vista Ltd and before this one I have been working for Documenta TM Ltd for 9 months. On 31st October I left Documenta silently I mean without giving any kind of headache to anybody in Documenta. Frankly speaking I was very sad when I saw that I am leaving and nobody bothers about it.

Just after one month, another employee named Sadia left documenta. She was my co-worker for all those 9 months. One day, before her leaving, I was happened to talk with Polin vi(another employee of Documeta and was also my co-worker) over the internet and at that time I told him to arrange a farewell for Sadia apu for if you happen to leave and see that nobody bothers at the time of your departure it will be a great agony for you. you will be sad obviously.Finally Polin vi arranged a farewell for Sadia apu and called me on 28 October to attend the farewell in the evening after the office hour. I agreed to go there and there lies the surprise for me.

After my arrival in Documenta everyone went to the conference room and sit there. For my amazement they announce my name and gave me a bunch of flower and a gift box. I really became a bit red at that time. It was really unexpected to me. I went there to attend Sadia apu's farewell and I didn't even think in my dream that they would arrange something for me too. I also told them that I am really surprised as I didn't have any goddamn idea about it. After me they gave Sadia apu a bunch of flower and a gift box too. Her box was much bigger than mine was :-S mmm... may be they like Sadia apu more than me. She was the only female employee of Documenta hahahaha.

I really became very happy and at the same time very glad. The sad feeling while leaving Documenta was gone totally. Thank you Polin vi... Thaks Documenta :)

The bunch of flower and the gift box

The bunch of flower and the gift box

This was inside the gift box. A dragon made of crystal. I liked it

This was inside the gift box. A dragon made of crystal. I liked it :)

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Gagan said...


Valo "natok" !

Cheers to Polin vi :)

Maroof said...

he he he eamon e to shaidha farewell neya hoiya gelo. golpo ase na, the younger brother is telling the mother , why don't you arrange marriage for elder brother? lol bepar na.

Naadia said...

hello, u will be glad to know that ur blog also is in the 1st page (3rd link) after a search for 'bording vista'. i hrd bording is taking internees and wanted to find out if they had any connection wit microsoft vista lolz :P so how's work in bording?

eamon said...

Yea.. Bording Vista is gonna take some internees. I don't know the details about it.

haha... No, Bording Vista doesn't have any connection with micorsoft vista but our CEO told that within few months all of our employees will use windows vista legal version. We are looking forward for that day :)

Right now Bording Vista is in establishing phase. It does business at the same time by running 3 projects - 1 in java and 2 in .NET and we are hearing that more projects are coming; they are on the way :)

Russoue said...

Switching to Windows Vista is not a good idea at all. This operating system offers nothing new except higher requirement than Windows XP. I am using Vista for one year, found nothing amazing in it. The 3d program list almost never comes to use. In short, using Windows Vista is like installing a new theme in Windows XP with some additional bugs like taking infinite time to copy a small chunk of data etc.

Russoue said...

Hope this new company Bording Vista does really good in Bangladesh. I have two years of Software Engineer experience in Bangladesh. At that time, outsourcing business was not going good as was the case always. Our outsourcing industry never flourished. There is always the hype that we have enormous potential to become the next outsourcing hub but countries like Vietnam is surpassing us even though they started late. Actually, we always had young IT professionals. What we lack is experienced software architects and managers who not only are sound in technical skills but also efficient in communication skills. After sale service is also a very big issue. I hope our entrepreneurs understand these issues well and situation starts to change now.

Mir Sohrab Ali Polin said...

Great to re-call the memory!

shahid hossain said...

True!!! Polin vai :)

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