Friday, February 8, 2008

Extinguishing training

Yesterday morning I saw some boxes had been arrived in our offie. Later I came to know those were fire extinguishers.

Around 5 pm our CEO, Jan, called everybody and told us to participate in the training HOW TO EXTINGUISH FIRE. The man who came with those boxes showed us how to use those. We suggested to make a fire and then we will extinguish it but Jan didn't agree. He just told us to go one by one to use the extinguisher only once. Everybody was laughing by seeing Jan's funny acting and movements. The extinguisher makes high level of noise.

It will be fun if you have a fire extinguishing training in your office :D

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Gagan said...

Hei quickly tell me how to do that !!
I dont know how to use it!

eamon said...

You have to stand 6-7 feet away from the fire, hold the handle of the nose of the extinguisher with your left hand, point the nose on the fire and then push the key of the cylinder with your right hand.

Don't be afraid and run away hearing the heavy noise of the extinguisher :D Hold it until the fire is turned off :)

eamon said...

If the fire is that much severe that U can be wounded and bleeding then better leave the building. The fire extinguisher is only for small fire accident like the UPS or CPU got fire and the carpet is burning by that. Otherwise leave the building and let the fire service workers do the extinguishing :)

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