Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hepatitis B vaccin

I have started the course of hepatitis B vaccin today. I have been thinking to take this vaccin for a long time but out of laziness I couldn't start. This time Jashim and me decided to start the course and finally we did. Today we have taken the first dose of the vaccination. We have to take 3 more doses. 2 more wil be with a month interval each and the last one will be a year later. I hope we will be able to finish the course :)

For your information, we are taking the vaccination course from the Islami Bank hospital. At first I didn't want to go there as I am very much annoyed by the service of Islami bank. My brother has an account in one of the branches of Islami bank. I went there few times but they don't help their customers much. So I was really afraid to go to their hospital but I saw a great discrimination between the bank and the hospital. Everybody in the hospital is very helpful. You will get necessary information and services from every personnel there. I am quite impressed :)

Each and every dose costs 530 BDT. More over you need to test your blood before starting the course to be sure if you have hepatitis B already. If you have then you can't go through the course. The name of the test is HBsAg and it costs 400 BDT. I suggest you to complete the course asap if you haven't already :)

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eamon said...

Hepatitis B cant be spread through food. The reasons of spreading it is just the same as the reasons of spreading AIDS.

It can be spread from the salon as well. So its better to be cautious. Complete it asap Liz.

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