Thursday, February 14, 2008

My table lamp

Do you remember I was talking about the lamps we had on our desks few days back? I think you do. Here goes the picture of my table lamp :D

I forgot to take the picture as the light is put on :P

I robot lamp

I robot lamp :P

Programming solution


Gagan said...

Wait a sec :D
I guess I have never seen a lamp "JUST OVER" the monitor !!!

Doesnot it make it hard to see?
I m not sure, but i feel like it will cause more strain on the eyes !!!

But otherwise, it looks cool. I guess better for reading printed docs!

eamon said...

Actually the lamp is for brightening the sorroundings, not the monitor :P

When I put that lamp on I just move the head and it lightens the desk. It really lessesns the strain on the eyes :D

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