Sunday, February 10, 2008

Training with Henrik is over

I have been going under a training program for last two weeks. Henrik was our instructor. He is a Danish guy and visited Dhaka for 15 days only to conduct that training. The training was on Windows Sharepoint which is a product of Microsoft for web application developing.

The training was a good one. We have learned many things about sharepoint. Its difficult to remember all those. It needs much practice to keep those in mind. But the thing is that all of us enjoyed the training. Henrik, our instructor was a good guy. I don't know how much he enjoyed to train us (I hope he did enjoyed the time with us :P ).

At the end of the training we gave Henrik some gifts as a token of his visit in Bangladesh. We tried to give him something that reflects Bangladeshi trend. Henrik seemed very happy go get the gifts. I hope he really liked those.

Here are some snapshots of that day.

Shafayet vi is giving the gifts to Henrik.

Henrik is checking out the kolapuri sandals. Is he confused :-?

The dark blue fotua... That looks so nice on him.

He is checking the rickshaw out. Its a miniature of Rickshaw made of silver colored metal... A nice souvenir I think.

All of us with Henrik. He looks a bit blushing :P

I am checking if the size of the fotua is ok for him and I found that its a bit small for him. Later Sunny vi and Nabila apu went to the Aarong shop again and got one size bigger which fitted so nice on him.

Making fun with the sandals he got. Shafayet vi is not unhappy at all to be spanked by that sandals when it is Henrik :D

Henrik left Dhaka on last Friday. I think he had a nice journey on the way of his home and also had a nice time in Bangladesh.

Thank you Henrik.
Hope to see you again amongst us :)

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Sunny said...

nice post. :D... we really enjoyed the training a lot.

Maroof said...

Nice to see those pics. Its only 20 days that I had not seen you guys but it seems a long time to me. Upload more and more pics. By the way shafayat vai looks weired in beard :p
And eamon abar gift deyar shomoi aisha gese ;) liza to bohut challu ase. :D

Gagan said...

Who was taking the pic? Since I can see you in the pics :D

eamon said...

It was not my camera. So I was not shooting the pictures.

Mushfiq vi(one of our colleagues) has his camera with him on that day and he was taking those pictures :)

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