Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Warm welcome to Spring

Today is the first day of Spring in Bangladesh. There are six seasons in our country and it is said that Spring is the king of all the seasons. To celebrate the arrival of Spring Bording Vista staffs decided to come to office on this day in traditional attire of Bangladesh. Consequently all the Bangladeshi guys came in Panjabi and sandals and the females in saris.

Our CEO, Jan, came in jeans and shirt tucked in. But he might be feeling a bit uneasy. More over we were telling him again and again to buy a panjabi for this special day and finally he went to nearby Aarong shop, bought a nice panjabi and came back wearing that. We were yelling to see him in the panjabi. He looks so happy to be in the same row of us.

Today the whole office was in a nice mode. So many pictures have been taken by mushfiq vi. I also brought my camera with me but I didn't take pictures as I saw that i am getting some very tiny rain spots in my pictures. I became a bit sad seeing that. Otherwise I would show you people the pictures of our office today.

Hope everybody will enjoy this Spring.
A warm welcome to the Spring, the king of all seasons :)

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Waiting to see the fun !!

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