Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In abroad for the first time in my life

Right now I am sitting in a cyber cafe in New Delhi just beside the train station. This is my first ever trip to outside Bangladesh.

I came to Delhi to submit my visa application in Finnish embassy. You people know that I have got admission in Tampere University of Technology(TUT) and then I decided to go there to have my masters degree. It's a pity for us that there is no finnish embassy office in Bangladesh. So I had to come to India as New Delhi is the nearest high commission office from Dhaka.

I reached Calcutta yesterday around 1 pm. I somehow managed a Rajdhani express sleeper class ticket from Calcutta to New Delhi ;) It was a long train journey, around 18 hours but it was nice. I slept on my bed for almost 9 hours. It was air conditioned and their service is very good. The ticket is so expensive. So I was looking forward to check their service but they impressed me totally. They provide all the things we need. From blanket to pillow with brand washed pillow cover, 2 bed sheets(also washed and so clean). The food was also good. They provide sufficient food for a single person. I don't have enough time but I am just telling in short.

6 pm : Snacks; Item : sandwitch, one piece of sweet(shonpapri), chocolate, a packet of chanachur and tea
8 pm : Appetizer; Item : 2 toast with butter and thai soup with tasting salt and pepper
9 pm : Dinner; Item : fried rice, hand made bread, daal, chicken curry(2 pieces), salad, fried fish, pickle, yougurt and finally ice cream
8 am : Tea with cookies.
9 am : Breakfast; Item : 3 piece of bread, butter, jelly, a banana, egg fry, french fry(very small amount) and soft bean(motor_shuti shiddho - very small amount)

I enjoyed the train journey. I have finished the stuffs in Finnish embassy. I came back to the station and got the same class ticket from New Delhi to Calcutta today at 0430 pm India time. Its very much expensive but again I took that as I am impressed by the speed and also by their service. I will reach calcutta around 11 am tomorrow. Till then bye. I will update you people later :)

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Gagan said...

Wait a second..dont tell me you have not taken enough picture!!

May be u were in hurry or didnt have cables to post pictures, but hope u have lots of pics :)

Wishing for a very safe trip !!!

Sunny said...

eamon nice to see the updates of ur status. Hope to see u in the bording vista asap. we have already given our resignation letter. We will both leave on the 10th of July. Hope u will be back within that date.... So, u have finally finished ur all tha tasks in Finish embassy? give us more update....all combinations team members are waiting. :D

Razib said...

If you have taken the cam with you then there must be the cable with you. Didn't you take the cam?

On that long trip you have just described the environment. But what did you think on the long journey?

Waiting for more update buddy.

Tunnu said...

Eamon wish you best of luck.

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