Friday, June 20, 2008

Nintendo wii in Bording Vista

Its an amazing news for us. Nintendo wii in our office Bording Vista. We heard about it long ago, around 3 months back but we were not so hopeful. We heard about massage chair 7 months back and that is not yet arrived. So we thought nintendo wii will be like that, wont show up within 7-8 months but we were wrong.

Last week suddenly we found our CEO was checking something in the small conference room with 2 remote like white colored thing. The LCD wide screen was showing some gaming options. Then we heard that nintendo wii is now in our office and we can play it without hampering our work, recommended by the authority after office hour.

I tried the gaming console. I was expecting some more reality in it but still its so nice, some said awesome. These days few staffs go home very late who used to go very early before. They are becoming fan of nintendo. Playing game with that is really fun :) Here is a video from youtube to have a look what nintendo wii really is.

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eamon said...

I came home late for nintendo only once. The other days I was late for other reasons... may be working after office hour and also other stuffs after the office

Sid said...

Where did your boss get the Wii system? Please let me know. My Wii is not powering up so wanted to see if I can get another power source. Thanks. Sid

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