Friday, June 6, 2008

Staff association in Bording Vista

A staff association is formed in Bording Vista. There was a formal meeting about it in our office on last Wednesday. In the meeting the constitution of the association was described. The monthly amount of money for subscription is fixed. After that the active management committee for this year was selected.

The main purpose of the staff association is to arrange social events so that interactions between the employees will increase. It will arrange yearly 1 or 2 big events like a picnic or tour outside dhaka. There may be 1 monthly small event like watching movie in cineplex or gaming contest after office hour or in weekend. There is another category of social events called random event which can be arranged any day at any time. Random event can be birthday celebration of any employee or something like that.

The monthly subscription fee for each member of the staff association is 200 taka. To raise the fund Bording Vista authority will provide another 200 taka montly for each employee which means 400 taka will be deposited to the staff association account each moth for each member.

The idea seems very nice to me. All of us are waiting to see the outcome of Bording Vista staff association :)

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eamon said...

Our staff association is only concerned about social events, not any kinda employee rights or suggestions. Its strictly prohibited to do such kinda thing.

If someone have any idea or suggestions about the organization he or she should come forward to let the management know about that. It shouldn't be placed through staff association.

Gagan said...

Thats great!! Lets see when and what comes next.

Razib said...

In the annual events any outsiders like spouse, other half or any other person allowed?

eamon said...

Nobody except from Bording Vista staffs is allowed.

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