Sunday, June 29, 2008

WII tournament in Bording Vista

Today I have joined office after a week long holiday. I took one week leave from the office for the India stuffs. I found most of the Bording Vista staffs in a cheerful mood today. They are excited about the upcoming event, in fact the first event, arranged by the staff association. The nintendo wii tennis championship will start after 6 o'clock today. For the time being only tennis is selected as the game.

So much gossiping is going on about the championship. The fixture is finalized already. A poll is created in our sharepoint2007 based intranet site. People are giving response - who will be the group champion. They are trying to keep their team mates ahead of others. Everybody is entertaining. Looks like our staff association is going to be successful to arrange their first event :)

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eamon said...

Yea, I am one of the players. In fact all the staffs are participating.

I have match on 1 July :)

Rafi said...

Why only tennis? Why not some action game? :P

Probably you are playing right now! সাবাশ!

eamon said...

Rafi, I was really playing the tournament match yesterday at the time when you commented :D I am now in the second round.

May be after this tournament some action game will be introduced.

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