Sunday, June 29, 2008

Came back to Dhaka after the first ever abroad trip

On Wednesday midnight around 0230 am I came home after the long tiresome trip to India. The total trip was around 80 hours and I didn't halt anywhere for a single day. I was running from one place to another without any break and finally finished the whole thing just within 3 days.

I posted my last post from a cyber cafe near the New Delhi train station. At that time I already finished the embassy stuffs, booked the ticket and waiting for the train to come to the station. After posting that I had my lunch in a fast food shop and then got in the train station. The Shealdah Rajdhani express started at 0445 pm. All the things were same as the train in which I came to New Delhi. Again I enjoyed the train journey and reached Calcutta the next day(Wednesday) around 11 am. My bus to Dhaka was at 1230 pm. I took the lunch in Dhakai restaurant named Kasturi. The journey to Dhaka started at 1230.

I reached Haridashpur, the Indian border around 4 pm. The immigration and customs formalities took around 2.5 hours and then I got in another bus from Benapol, the Bangladeshi border. This time the bus was a business class RM2 model Hino. So the journey was comfortable than the previous ones in bus. On the way there was a ferry journey for around 20 minutes. I went to the roof top of the ferry. The wind was blowing so heavily. The cold wind made me calm. It was around 11 pm night. The night was so nice.

Finally I reached Dhaka around 2 am. It looked like a dead city. I was a bit afraid to come home at that dead of night yet I took a rickshaw by the name of almighty and came home around 0230 am. So at this point the long journey came to an end.

During this trip I couldn't roam around much. All the time I had to carry my bag containing all my cloths and documents. It was a bit heavy. So most of the time I tried to sit in one place :D During the trip I noticed few things :

1. Calcutta seems more dirty than Dhaka to me.
2. People of Calcutta are very economical, in fact miser. I heard that before but now I saw it real.
3. New Delhi is a very nice city - clean, less traffic jam. Most of the roads are very wide.
4. Indian people smoke rarely. I didn't see anyone smoking in public. Smoking inside the train station is even not allowed at all.
5. Indian railway service is much better than my expectation.
6. A nice thing of Indian people is they like to use their own product. You will rarely find Japanese or American cars in their street. Even in case of consumer products they don't depend on foreign products. Great virtue for a developing nation :)

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Rafi said...

বাসের ভাড়া কত নিল, ইমন?

ইন্ডিয়ানরা অনেক দেশপ্রেমিক, আমরা তো BMW,মার্সিডিজ কিনে ফুটানি দেখাই, ওদের মন্ত্রী-এমপিরাও ঝরঝরা অ্যাম্বাসেডারে কইরা ঘুইরা বেড়ায় আর তাতেই খুশি থাকে।

eamon said...

Rafi, the bus fair was 800 BDT from Dhaka to Calcutta.

The train fair is very high. It was 2010 rupies(almost 3300 BDT) from Calcutta to New Delhi but its the highest class fair.

eamon said...

The pictures are still in my camera :D but remember I have only 5 or 6 pictures while in the train. I couldn't take many pictures :(

Ratul said...

আমারো ইন্ডিয়া যাওয়া লাগে নাকি এই চিন্তায় আছি। তোমারে যে মেইল করব তাও ভুইলা গেছি।

Razib said...

What did you expect on the tour?

Gagan said...

We can start from ourselves. We can start buying our local products wherever possible. I guess we, my friends and your friends and their friends are a huuuge group to make the change happen.
Opps, nerdy? boring? sorry !

eamon said...

I am not getting you razib. What did I expect on the tour means?? :-S

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