Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biking weekend

I passed the first weekend here in Tampere and it was really nice beyond my expectation. On Saturday night we had dinner in Badal vi's home. After dinner we were planning to go biking on the next morning. 4 guys agreed to go for that. So the next morning Morshed vi, Taslim vi, Rajit vi and me went for biking.

We started around 11 am. Our main destination was 2 lakes in Tampere. Those are not so near from where we are living; around 10 kilometers away. Rajit vi and me don't have bike but we managed from some other Bangladeshi guys. The roads of Tampere are not so plain. Tampere was a hilly area long ago. So the roads have many jig-jags. Its a bit difficult to bike in Tampere. Your thigh muscles have to be strong enough :P

At first we went to the first lake. There is a small beach. Only few people were around. May be we were very early and people were still sleeping as it was weekend. We had some snacks there, took some photos and headed for the next lake.

This is on the way of going to the first lake. I used the red bike. Its a nice bike with 21 gears.

I am along with Taslim vi and rajit vi on the nice bridge.

This is the first lake we visited. The water looks like the sky.

Having some snaps on those rocks

Another one, me alone

Looking at the map, how to go to the next place

From this lake we started for the other one. We stopped at a place at the middle as the place was very nice. We had few snaps there as well.

This is Tampere tower. I heard that this is the highest tower in nordic region. There is a theme park at the base of this tower.

Those yellow flowers caught our eyes and we didn't miss to take it though its almost out of focus here :D

The statue is very nice as well

Rajit vi looks sleepy. May be he was very tired after long time biking :D

The whole gang here. The four guys. Everybody is squeezing their eyes dur to the hot sun at that time.

From here we went to the other lake but at that time the battery of the camera was out of charge. So we couldn't take any picture of that lake. This next one is a bit smaller than the previous one but to me it seemed more beautiful than the previous one. Hopefully we will go there again and at that time our battery will be charged fully :D

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eamon said...

We had plan to get a dip in the lake but we didn't finally because the water was so cold for us. If we were finnish then may be we will :)

Rafi said...

Nice tour indeed!
ভালোই মজায় আছিস :P

Razib said...

What is the temperature there? The sky is really........ I don't know what to say. I wish if I could be there and look at the sky for long....
Oi.. what did you do to your bike in BD? You must have missed your bike.

You should have bought some spare batteries for your cam. I told you many times coz I can't forget the suffering for batteries problem and guess you didn't forget also.

eamon said...

The temperature was around 20 on that day but now its around 10, getting colder.

The sky was really nice but its very rare here. Usually the sky is grey and gloomy almost all the time.

I do miss my bike in BD. I left that in the back veranda of my home. I wish I could get that here.

I really need to buy couple of extra batteries. It really suffered me a lot. I don't know how much it costs here. I hope not so costly.

Anonymous said...

oh no..what a nice view.its better than the view of boga leg.
i wish to dive into the blue lake like the sky.
eamon, enjoy your life.

Anonymous said...

tui na bolli onek cold... shobai to noraml ganji pora.......bepar ki ?
cycle kan? motor-cycle nai ? cycle e kore 10 km..!! bolish ki ?


eamon said...

tokhon cold chilo na but now its really cold. Temperature is near about 0.

Motor cycle karo nai. Everybody has bi cycle. I got extreme pain in my butt after that biking ended :P

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