Friday, August 22, 2008

A trip to the city center

Many of my friends wanted to see my pictures here in Tampere. Yesterday I went to the city center to have my bus card issued. I went there along with Rajit vi. After getting my bus card we were roaming around. Tampere city center is not so big but it looks like a city as you will find many people walking, shopping, doing their stuffs and getting in buses. While in the city center I had my camera in my bag. So it was time to have some pictures. May be I will upload more pictures later. Because I will go for a city tour today arranged by the university. For the time being just have a look at these few ones.

This is before going to the city center. A corridor in the university. You are seeing the cafeteria name ZIP behind Rajit vi. I think this is the smallest cafe among the 3 in the university

I am in a park in the city center

A nude statue in front of a church(!!!). Rajit vi was so eager to have a picture having the statue behind him :D ;)

Another place. Behind me you are seeing the mayor's office.

Another shot near that mayor's office

This is the stree in front of the building where I am living right now. I took this after coming from the city center.

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Razib said...

Oi... in the first pic were you carrying anything heavier? You looks little bit bended.

The city is really clean.

eamon said...

No I was not carrying anything heavy... It was just a back pack and light in weight.

The city is really clean.

Rafi said...

How cool is the weather, in this 'summer'?

eamon said...

The weather is really cool now. At the same time its cold for me :(

Jonas said...

Just wait a few month, around januari.
If its cold for you now, you will be amazed about how cold it can get.
Its like walking into a freezer when you are outside.

Hope you brought some warm clothes :-)

eamon said...

Yea I know it will be very cold withing few months... I have brought some warm cloths surely. Still I think it will be difficult for me endure the cold weather around January :(

Razib said...

Hunt some deer for the skin to keep you warm :P. You know you are sensitive to cold.

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