Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its great to have good friends

Friendship is one of the sacred relationships in this world I think. A good friend is a precious gem for your life. There are many ways how one can be a friend to other. I don't wanna talk about those things. What I wanna tell here is I am feeling great to have few very good friends.

Throughout my life I have very small number of friends. Well, I have many friends in fact but the number becomes small when it comes to good friends. But I am not unhappy for that as I found those few persons really good to me.

For more than a month I have been preparing myself and my stuffs to leave my country for higher education. I was having very hard times to do this and that. There are so many stuffs to fix. I had a small business here that needed to be closed and it caused many things to do. My friends helped me out to do those things as I had a job until end of July. I also got my friends around me while preparing things for my going abroad.

If you don't have a millionaire father you will find every penny important while your are preparing yourself to go abroad. So many scattered stuffs cause you a good amount of money. I was also feeling that while do shopping and other things. At that time my friends came forward to help me.

It started with Shujon. One day he was asking me if I need Tshirt while in Finland. I said of course I do and many in number. Just after that he told me to buy Tshirts of my choice and he will pay for those. I was a bit amazed to hear that. Few days later Jashim asked me if I had bought jeans. I told him that I have bought one and I need one more. He told me to buy it and he will pay for it. I was amazed again. Later Tasnim asked me how is my shopping going on. I said its going well. Yet to buy few things. He was asking what else. I told him different things and among those he told me he will buy me a sports sandals. Again I was amazed.

I know about them very well. Right now none of them is in good financial condition. Yet they wanted to help me and the most important thing is they told me before I bought those things which really helped me to save some of my money. I have got gifts from my relatives. They came to my home on last Friday and gave me different things but I already have finished my shopping and now those gifts are just extra stuffs to me. If the weight barriers doesn't allow me I wont bring those.

I always got support from my close friends. I found them always beside me. This time again I found how supportive they are to me. These days they call me every now and then - where I am, what I am doing, if I can meet them. Their attitude makes me feel how good we are to each other and how they will miss me while I wont be available. I will miss you, my friends ;-(

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tasnim said...

Friendship is like the moon,u cant touch it but feel it from thousands mile away from u.

good friend paoya asolei vagger this case, u r lucky.

Razib said...

I wanted to write something nice but can't find any words.

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