Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am in Tampere now

My last post was from Abu Dhabi Airport. After that I could not go online for a long time. Its been almost 4 days that I am in Tampere. I reached here Sunday night around 8. But it was not possible for me to creat a new post.

In Abu Dhabi Airport I somehow passed the whole 14 hours. Good that I didn't vomit or faint there. I had to drink coffee to sustain with my very bad headache. While getting into the flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels they checked me very well top to bottom. They told me to take off my boots, belts, my favorite wrist watch, my wallet, my waist bag. They also told me to bring out the camera off my bag. Then I had to put all those things in a tray, put that tray, my hand bag and my hoodie on the conveyor belt. When those things are scanneg and perged off the other side so many things I had to collect. I put the hoodie on one chair and I was fixing the other things. When I finished fixing all those an attendant of Etihad told me to get in the plane hurriedly. So I just started walking towards the plane fogetting my hoodie behind me. That is how I lost my hoodie in Abu Dhabi airport :(

This aircraft was bigger than the previous one from Dhaka-Abu Dhabi. In this flight also I didn't get window seat. It was night. I tried to sleep but I didn't succeed well. I think I slept only for an hour in the plane. Then I started to watch movie. I selected a funny one I forgot the name now. It helped me to pass the time. There was a Belgian family beside me - 3 young girls and their parents. The mother was asking me where I am going and for what. I was gossiping with her at the end of my flight. Finally the plane reached the Brussels airport.

Brussels airport is a huge one. I had to walk and walk and walk to find the exact gate for me. I had a 4 hours break in that place. Good that I found some free big benches which helped me to have an hour nap. After the nap I freshened up and was waiting for the plane to arrived. It was an aircraft of Finair. When it arrived I found that its a very small plane. But this time I got a window seat. So I could see the taking off well. It was a short trip and I enjoyed it as it was bright morning and I could clearly see the outside. The flight arrived Helsinki around 0325 pm local time. My friend Atique was in the airport to receive me.

I was with atique for about an hour and half. Then I took the 0505 pm bus from Helsinki-Tampere. It took almost 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Tampere. Morshed vi was present in Tampere bus station to bring me to his home. When I came his home other Bangladeshi students living in Tampere came to meet and greet me. Its really nice to have native people in this far place of the world.I was very much tired on that night. So I went to bed early in Morshed vi's room after taking dinner along with other Bangladeshis.

The next morning I registered myself in the university. I was having few sessions with guide students and other officials. The orientation program is going on throughout this week. Everyday a different schedule. On Friday there will be a city tour with the guides. May next week I will sign up my courses. For the time being I am trying to manage some accommodation for me as I haven't got any yet.

The weather is comfortable now. Its not very cold. The temperature is usually in between 15-20 but the weather is very unpredictable here. It rains without any notification. Right now its very sunny. May be it will rain within 30 minutes again. I found the finnish people very nice; the are helpful and cooperative. For the time being this is my updates here. Hopefully I will update you again soon :)

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Jonas said...

The finnish people might be "very nice; the are helpful and cooperative".
But you should come to sweden as this video clearly show.


Razib said...

I am very sorry that you have lost your "hoodie". But the good part is you didn't have to face any bad co-incident on the way.

Hey... Did you cry one the plane when the lights were off? /:) :P

Rafi said...

God knows how many missing hoodies and other things they they found in large airports!
Taking a nap in a airport bench, was it good? :P
Too bad you didn't have the camera working. Is it okay now?

Feels nice to hear the stories. Update us regularly. Ciao.

eamon said...

Hey Jonas, I will try to visit Sweden if I get any chance. So see your then ;)

I didn't cry in the dark in the plane... I was having very bad headache and the only thing I was doing is trying to sleep.

Taking a nap in an airport is not so bad I think... In fact it helped me much... and for your information my cam is working well... I just needed to charge the batteries :)

eamon said...

I also just came to know that I cant visit UK with this resident permit. I can visit around 25 countries in Europe but UK is not included among those :(

Well, you know you will find way always when you want it with all your heart. So nothing to be sad much... There will be some way I think :)

tasnim said...

hi eamon,
kamon acho?
tomar journy er description porlam.
tumi net e thako kokhon?
keep fine.

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