Monday, August 11, 2008

Last roof top party in Jashim's home

May be it was the last party on Jashim's roof top. We had many events in this place and before leaving the country I wanted to add one more. So I decided to gave them a dinner treat about my going abroad in this place.

We had much difficulties last night. The weather was very bad, raining almost the whole day. It became worse when the power went off at 0730 PM and it came around 0930. We couldn't grill the chicken over coal as we needed electric fan for it and there was no electricity at that time. Finally we fried the chicken in oil. It was not bad either.

The menu was fixed kacchi birani and chicken grill with salad, sauce and soft drink. As a desert we had sweet curd. We wanted to do everything under the open sky but since evening it started to rain heavily and we were forced to go inside the stairway and fixed our burner in a small place over there. There would be a music system if it didn't rain. After dinner may be some of us would sing as well but the rain and power failure ruined everything. Still I hope everybody enjoyed it. At least the food was not so bad :D

Lets have a look on the party

Marinating the beef and chicken

It was left for 2 hours in that way

Khalid is chasing Jashim with the metal net. Having some fun

This time Jashim with a big dead branch of a tree. Khalid is not around :D

Tasnim and Shishire(he is the only one outside my area) had a great hand in beef for kacchi birani

I am trying to blow the coal. Due to rain it was very difficult. Razib gave the greatest effort but it didn't push through finally

Taking the food on the stairway as it was raining so heavily at that time

Everybody is looking at the camera

Programming solution


Rafi said...

Sounds Yummy!

Razib said...

Obviously the was very delicious but we failed to do many things that we had in our mind.

I hope we will all have more party on that roof in our lifetime together.

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