Thursday, June 10, 2010

Confused about FIFA World Cup official song :-S

I am confused about the official song of FIFA World Cup 2010. Just today I read in FIFA website that 'Waka waka' sung by Shakira is the official song for this world cup. Quoting from their website - "FIFA and Sony have chosen Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) as the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. The song was written by Shakira, the world-famous singer from Latin America, who will perform with South African band Freshlyground.". It confirms that this is the official song. I just don't know why I have been listening the 'Waving flag' for last few weeks, and in youtube it is written in many videos as title as official song for world cup 2010. If 'waka waka' is the official song then what 'waving flag' is for? Is it just a song composed by the South Africans keeping in mind that they are hosting 19th world cup of history :-S Anyway, I like both the songs and I am giving link here.

Waka waka

Waving flag

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eamon said...

I watched the kick off concert here

but to be honest, I didn't like the concert much.

Koyelia said...

I like both.. but lyrics-wise, I prefer K'nana's song.. I absolutely love the spirit of the song!

mrsjohn said...

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Arjun Kumar said...

jus came across your blog while browsing...
'Wavin Flag' is the 'official anthem' of the World Cup.
'Waka Waka' is the 'official song'.
and i have no idea what the difference is between both the titles.

Alice said...

Good point...why have they been playing 'Waving Flag' like mad?

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