Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why am I so lazy :(

One week ago I got result of one course. It's a 5 credit course and I got grade 4 even though I was expecting 5. It's been a week and I didn't do anything. Just today, I thought to visit the course teacher to have a look at my answer script. So I went to her room and I found that I have got 27 out of 30. To get a grade 5 I need to get 28. I had 4 bonus points in exercise sessions during the course implementation which makes my score 31. So I should be graded with a 5 in that course. I told the teacher and she checked. She found out that she forgot to add my bonus points while sending the result to the administration. She said sorry, and promised me to correct my result and send it again to the administration. When I left her room I had mixed feeling - happy for I got 5 in the course, sad because I am careless about educational grade stuff. Even this morning I was so reluctant to visit the teacher. Just imagine, if I would not go I would have missed a 5 in a 5 credit course for nothing. Lazy me :(

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shasnayen said...

u r lazy but less than average people of BD.
i think i am more lazy than those. when i return home after office, i only eat and sleep but i feel very tired. i cant think to do any thing more. u do a lot of things (like cooking, etc)at home.

eamon said...

My point was I am lazy about academic stuff. Work like cooking is not considered in this context :)

shasnayen said...

online e pai na keno tomake?
busy thako naki onek?

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