Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shifting begins

Yesterday I moved out from my home. I was in that home since November 2008. It's a long time, long enough to be felt like own home. I moved in Shaikat vi's home yesterday evening. I will be here for 3 days. After that I will move again. One of my friends is going to Bangladesh for a visit on June 3. He will come back in mid July. I will be in his home for the whole month of June. After that I have to shift to Espoo finally. So lots of moves in one month. Moving is always hard and it introduces chaos. Life is getting chaotic in different aspect :(

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sheri... said...

hi, this is sheri! i was cruising through the 'next blog' button at the top of the page and i came upon your blog. congratulations on your new job with ericsson!! i have read all the way back to april...i enjoyed your photographs and listening to your life story being played out. what a great blog you have here, eamon :)

eamon said...

Hi Sheri! Thanks for your elevational comment. I visited your blog too and read few posts. Yours is also a great one :) I like your way of writing to express yourself. Keep posting :)

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