Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting for the world cup

I am eagerly waiting for the sporting event with the largest worldwide audience - FIFA World Cup. Only 1 day to go to open the world cup. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the 19th Fifa World Cup in Johannesburg, capital of South Africa. The first match will be on the next day, 11 June. The first world cup I can remember is 1990 in Italy. Since then I used to enjoy world cup once in every four years. This is the first time I am abroad during world cup. In our country, it is quite common to watch the game with friends and family together with snacks and tea. Obviously I am gonna miss that :( Moreover, I will leave Tamepre by the end of this month, so I might have to watch the game alone :( Anyway, the whole world is cheering up. I wish I can cheer up as well.

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