Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moved to Espoo

I moved to Espoo this evening. Tomorrow is July 1 and I have to start my new job. So I moved to the new place in Espoo that I have rented more than a month back. I came here by train. Atique, one of my undergraduate school friends helped me a lot in this aspect. He took the key from the Chinese guy 2 weeks back. Today Atique met me in Helsinki railway station and gave his hand to carry my stuffs. He gave me a pizza dinner also. After he left I started my laptop and this is my first post from the new place.

The new place is very messy. The room I got is kinda OK but the common place and the kitchen is totally a mess. I don't know if I will give the effort to fix all those things. I will live here 2 months only. Let's see.

I have left the warm, considerate Tampere community. For sure I am gonna miss Tampere badly - its people, sports activities and gatherings. I want to visit Tampere frequently but I know time is cruel and it will make me busy in the new place. At least I have the sweet memory from Tampere with me.

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