Saturday, May 5, 2007

I bought a raincoat :)

This morning I bought a raincoat. Does it sound a bit unusual?? I am asking cause one of my friends laughed at me when he saw it. And he laughed in such a way that I am a kid doing something childish and he is a grown up man found it interesting and smiled at me. Anyway... I don mind cause I found that I need this and it's better than umbrella.

Here it's not raining for a week may be. But the rainy season is ahead and I have to go to my work and other places in the rain. I like to have shower in rain sometimes but it's not so good while I am going to my office. So I need something to prevent me from getting wet and I think my raincoat will do that nicely :)

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Gagan said...

Hehe, I bought one too in the first year of university. Well it's really fun when there is heavy super duper shower outside, and people are crowding under some shelters, but u walk out slowly without rush, without care...

Coz you have a raincoat :D

Well, I finally had to give up using it, coz i felt horribly warm inside, mine was really thick and heavy.

Have fun with the rain Eamon, I m missing it being in a country of drizzling, not rain:)

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