Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am afraid

Suddenly our network administrator shouted "Our Shahid hears citycell palabe kothay :D". Everyone laughed out loudly. I was just surpirsed. I got that advertisement jingle from a link given by one of our friends in our batch forum. That took long time to buffer into memory. So I just minimized windows midea player and did my other stuffs. I did not even hear that jingle. But how the hell our network administrator came to know that. He can easily know what processes and programs are running in any pc in our network. But how can he know which song is being played now??? Can he use my pc from remote desktop without any notification??? OMG... I wish he were not be able to do that. If he can and just go through my personal mails specially the goodAM mails.... damn.

This is totally unfair. This is nothig but hindering other's privacy badly.

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