Monday, May 14, 2007

Kids are amazing

Indian cricket team is in Bangladesh now. They are in a away tour for both oneday and test matches against us. My student Sanjana (English medium, grade 5) is a great fan of Rahul Dravid, the captain of Indian team. She saw him in person 2 days ago while the team was going to the stadium from Hotel Sheraton. She told her driver to go side by side with that bus as if she can see Rahul Dravid as long as she can cause the captain was sitting beside one window. Suddenly Dravid stared at the car may be because he was seeing that car for long time. He saw Sanjana and wave his hand. Sanjana just smiled but did nt wave her hand or say hello to him even though she is a die heart fan of him. I asked her why?? She just told me that she didn't want to make him pride himself much. I was surprised thinkin what is going on in her mind. Did she think that they came here to play against Bangladesh. So as a Bangladeshi girl she should not wave him or say hello. Did she think "why do I do that?? I should keep my own country above all" suppressing the intensed likeness of a person?? She is only a kid... what made her think in that way?? Patriotism???

I know it very well that there is no problem in waving to an Indian player as a Bangladeshi citizen. Still I feel great and became soooooooo happy hearing this thing from my student :) :)

Thanks Sanjana :)

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Gagan said...

hmm... Kids are amazing. Some are smarter ! Mr. teacher dont make her head dull by pushing some stupid things from books only:) Put something more into her head :D She deserves more !

Saddam said...

Jossss!I think she is not an ordinary kid.May be your attitude is infulencing her bcos I know you very well from the varsity. I think,she is learning to observe anything from different angle.

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